Tasting tips

“ Grower Champagnes from Independent Wine Makers can be enjoyed at any time, before, during or after your meal! ”


It is best to let the bottle chill in the refrigerator for at least 3 hours before serving. The ideal temperature is around 8°C (47°F). If the champagne is served too cold the aromas may not be fully discernable. You can of course chill your bottle in an ice bucket before serving, but you should avoid using the deep freezer.


Conservation: The ideal place to store champagne is in a cool, well ventilated cellar, at around 12°C (54°F). The bottles should be sheltered from light, as this can alter the quality of the champagne.


Glassware: long-stemmed flutes or tulip shaped glasses are best. These are designed to enhance the flow of bubbles to the crown and to concentrate the aromas of the wine. Avoid washing them in a dishwasher, which can inhibit the formation of the bubbles. Hand washing with hot water is best.
If you do not finish the bottle, an air-tight champagne stopper can be used to maintain the effervescence and conserve the champagne for one or two days.

You can find more information about champagne tasting on the CIVC website or application.