The Independant Winegrower

“ Over 400 Independent wine makers await you in Champagne.
Authenticity, tradition and passion are the watch words of these audacious entrepreneurs, deeply connected to their land, creating their own champagnes, and perpetuating an ancestral know-how with a subtle mix of traditional and modern viticulture. ”

Together they are dedicated to providing a wide range of unique champagnes for the consumer.

Each wine maker is 100% responsible for his or her product, takes pride in his work and the pleasure it produces.

The independent wine maker in Champagne handles all aspects of wine production. From grape growing to cellar production right through to administration sales and marketing, every stage is marked by the wine maker's hand. Each member of the "Independent Wine Makers Group" signs a charter and is committed to upholding its rules.

Charter of the independant winegrower

This winegrower: Respects his soil, Cultivates his vine, Harvests his grapes, Works and produces his own wine, Elaborates his brandy, Bottles his production in his cellar, Commercializes his wine, Betters himself in the respect of tradition, Welcomes, advises about wine tasting and takes pleasure to present the fruits of his work and cultivation.